Rates & Policies

Young dancerRates:

Register online by clicking the “register for classes” bar to the right on this page, or call the studio 269-321-4400 or e-mail joette@mosaicdancehall.com.

Season 2021-2022  (38 week program) TUITION: is paid each month (September – June) unless a drop form is signed. The tuition rate will remain the same each month considering some months have 3 classes and some have 5 (the months even out at the end of the year). Please remember your monthly tuition is the same amount every month.

Our dance program is based on a 38-week program, which is divided equally into 10 monthly payments. For example, if your child takes one-hour class per week the total for the yearly program is $550, which can be paid in full or monthly at $55 per month. In addition, tuition rates do not change due to absence or studio closing for holidays or inclement weather.

All tuition is non-refundable or non-transferable. We only allow make-up classes for sickness or studio closing and approved by the Mosaic office if a student will be placed in a make-up only class.

REGISTRATION FEE PER STUDENT: $30.00 due with the first tuition payment per student up to  $50 per family.


MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Payments are due by the 5th of each month or by the first day of the session. Payment choices are cash, check, or credit card. A $10 late fee will be added to your account if not by the 20th of the month. An additional $10 late fee will be charged for each week following that the balance is not paid. All dance classes began on Monday, August 23, 2021. Please remember that all children’s classes have a dress code and shoe requirements. These requirements are located on this web site under kids classes. It is important to have a student prepared for class before it starts.


Tuition fees for 2021-2022

Class length – Tuition per student or up to 2 siblings for 4 classes.
(Automatic payment on the 5th day of each month, September–June can be set up online in your student account)

30 minutes – $35/month

45 minutes – $45/month

1 hour – $55/month

1.5 hours – $75/month

1.75 hours – $85/month

2 hours – $98/month

2.25 – $108/month

2.5 hours – $118/month

2.75 hours – $125/month

3 hours – $130/month

3.25 hours – $135/month

3.5 hours – $142/month

3.75 hours – $150/month

4 hours – $160/month

4.5 hours – $180/month

5 hours – $195/month

5.5 hours- $215/month

Unlimited – $230/month
(more discounts apply for families, see office)


* Tuition must be paid the 5th of each month and in full to continue in class. Late fees will be applied 14 days after.
* Tuition or competition fees must be paid in full to participate in recital, competition performance or class.


Acro and dance classes


STUDENT RECITAL/COSTUMES: A student recital is held on the Saturday of the 2nd week of June & third weekend in December. Participation is not mandatory, however, we need to know if you are participating by October 1 or January 15 to plan for costumes. The costume cost is $45 – $65 depending on class for the year. Payment is due by October 1 of $45 per class & January 15 of $45-$65 per class or at time of registration. Tickets for recitals are $10 that cover the cost of rentals, lightening, backdrops, hired-help, and equipment.


Studio Policies:

Proper dance attire required for all classes. See class dress code description.

  • • Hair must be securely tied back for all classes except adults.
  • • A hair bun is required for ballet class.
  • • No gum chewing or loose jewelry allowed during dance class.
  • • No food or drink except water is allowed in the studio.
  • • No street shoes are allowed on the studio floors.
  • • Any dancer who is late and misses warm up in class, will not be allowed to participate in class until they have stretched on their own.
  • • Disrespect of another student or a staff member will not be tolerated.
  • • Costume fees are due in October 1 & January 15.
  • • Tuition must be paid the 5th of each month and in full to continue in class. Late fees will be applied 14 days after.
  • • Tuition or competition fees must be paid in full to participate in recital or performance.
  • • Most dancers remain in each level for 2 years.
  • • Dancers are moved up based on curriculum requirements.
  • • Class size is based on studio space and the age of the dancers.
  • • No soliciting of your business.
  • • No conflict of interest will be tolerated. It is our intention to provide a positive, safe, and harmonious experience for all of our dance students. Because of this, we strongly encourage a spirit of community, cooperation, and caring, and we therefore discourage gossip and other negative or disruptive behavior.
  • Parent Code of Conduct: Parents have a responsibility to the staff at Mosaic Dance Center to be supportive of their decisions including rules policies.  Do not undermine their efforts.  If you do not agree with a coach then you are free to tell the coach but make sure it is done at the right time and place and not in front of the children or others. Parents are expected to drop off and pick up their children on time. At no time will a parent harass or falsely accuse a staff member. Mosaic Dance Center has the right to dismiss a child based on parents poor behavior or demands.

Michigan dancersCLASS WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND POLICY. Early withdrawal from a class before the completion of the class requires a written notification with a signed withdrawal form to Mosaic 30 days prior to withdrawal and the student is responsible for the 30 days tuition. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes. Mosaic Dance Center has the right to dismiss a student without refund. Tuition for the 30 days is still due until the drop period has ended or a $55 drop fee is due.

Class withdrawal requires a minimum of one FULL month advance notice. Notice MUST be given by completed withdrawal form available in the studio. Email, phone, and verbal communications are not official withdrawals. Monthly billing will continue until an official withdrawal form is received as per the policies agreed on upon submitting registration, regardless of whether the student is in attendance or not.

COMMUNICATION: Mosaic will send out monthly e-mail updates and post important dates at the front desk. We ask that you if you are not receiving our newsletters that you check with the front desk if we have a correct address. We also send out text messages to cell phones for emergency notices.

WEATHER NOTICE: Mosaic post all weather closings by 7 am for morning classes and by 1 p.m. for night classes on Facebook as well as sending mass e-mails. Please make sure you like us on FB at Mosaic Dance Center. We do not follow any school schedules.

PHOTO DAY: Class photos will be taken the last Friday of April or first Friday of May at MOSAIC. Dates and times are subject to change but will be announced in the spring for your child’s class. Please confirm your child’s time on the updated schedule to be distributed as soon as confirmed with the photographer. All students are required to be present for their class picture but not expected to purchase. There are no exceptions since these photos are used for recital.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’d be happy to clarify.


Finally… WELCOME TO MOSAIC DANCE CENTER! We look forward to an exciting, rewarding season!