Adult Classes


Class Policies:

Adult Classes must preregister in advance of the first night of classes. All adult class will be cancelled if there are not enough students registered. Registration can be taken up to the day of the class, but is encouraged in advance since class size is limited as well. There is no make-up policy if you miss a class. Refunds will not be made after the first week – no exceptions.

No class observations without instructor approval. Mosaic Hall and Dance Centre, assumes no responsibility for any loss, injury, or harm due to participation in a class. Students assume all responsibility. Physical activity should never be started without the advice or permission from a doctor. No solicitation of any kind will be allowed. If a conflict of interest arises, instructors will review the situation and take immediate action to insure a quality, safe, and harmonious environment.

Dance Attire:

You need to wear comfortable clothes like a tank top/leggings or workout clothes. In addition, it helps if your clothes are more form fitting. WHY? You need to see the muscles work and so does your teacher. If you are doing something incorrectly, you will want your teacher to see it right away and help you. It also advantages to see your body movement so you can master the dance isolations.


No outside footwear allowed on studio floors. You must bring a clean pair of shoes or go barefoot.




Portage adult dance and fitness


Adult Class Offerings:

Beginner Belly Dance, 60 min.

Tuesday 7:30-8:30
Coming September 2021

Adult Beginner Tap, 60 min. 

Coming September 2021

Cardio Drumming, 60 min. 

Wednesday 7:30-8:15 pm (6 week sessions)
Equipment provided
Coming September 2021

Slim & Tone, 60 min.

Monday/Wednesday 9-10:00 am (6-week sessions) ($45)
March 22 - May 4
May 10 - June 14
June 21 - July 26

Slim and Tone:
Exercise Classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 9-10 am, which is 30 minutes of dance, 15 free weights, and 15 mat exercises. Classes are $45 and run every 6 weeks. Bring your own mat.