New to Dance?

New to Dance?
Venturing into the unknown can be intimidating. Mosaic Dance Center would like to make your introduction to dance as smooth and fun as possible. We recommend calling or e-mailing the studio and set up your own private tour with the director, Joette. She would love to shown you around and answer any of your questions. Give her a shout today at 269-321-4400 or e-mail at

Dance for Beginners
Whether your goal is learning new moves for fun or fitness, becoming a professional dancer, or starting your little one in pre-dance, below are a few suggestions to help you reach your goals. These resources will teach you the basics of becoming a dancer, including what you need in a dance bag and what to expect at your first class.

Choose a Dance Style
Are you a bit overwhelmed by the many different dance styles? With so many styles of dance to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Mosaic has many styles including pointe, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, breakdancing, lyrical, modern, contemporary ballet, baton, body percussion, and pre-dance for kids. Adult classes include ballet, Jafrician (Latin & African, Slim & Tone, Deb’s Dance for Adults, PiYoga and our most popular, Belly Dance.

Why take Ballet?
Ballet serves as a backbone for many other styles of dance, as many other dance genres are based on ballet. If you can master or just learn the basics or ballet than you go do just about any other dance genre.

Dress For Dance
It’s important that your child be prepared for class with proper dress. All ballet classes require black ballet leotard with white tights. Pre-dance classes and combo classes can wear any color tutu over their black leotard of their choice and be creative as possible. Shoes required for ballet are leather (not cloth) ballet slippers. All other classes (adult and child) required clean shoes in studio, which means they can not be worn outside. Also, it’s best to check class dress code section before coming to class.
Adult classes can wear anything comfortable they feel wearing, including yoga pants, dance bra, tank top with shoes or without.

Start Your Child in Dance
Starting dance lessons is exciting for children as well as parents. Dance is a wonderful activity for kids. Dance is capable of fostering a positive self-image in both girls and boys. Dance lessons can teach a child self-confidence, self-discipline, poise and grace. A child introduced to dance at an early age will likely develop a love of the arts and a passion for rhythm and movement. Most importantly, dancing is lots of fun!

How do I know when to start my child?
A child can be enrolled in dance classes as young as 18 months with the “Mommy and Me’ class. Preschoolers (3-4) begin with “Pre-dance” classes at Mosaic Dance where they learn basic ballet positions, musicality, creative movement and the joy of learning to dance. Parents do not participate in the Pre-dance classes but can watch outside the door or when the class performs monthly. At the age of 3 or 4 years old, most students are emotional mature and love moving to the music. . If your child is ready, an early start will give him/her a tremendous boost in muscle coordination that will extend their rest of their lives.