Competitive Program

If you would like to be considered for the 2020-2021 team, please e-mail our director, Ms. Joette at for audition information and a studio tour. 

2021 Season: Check us out!

Talent on Parade: February 25-29. View online competition at  click on live stream.

Energy Dance Competition: March 12-14. View online competition at

Legacy: Friday March 26: View online competition at

Precision Arts: March 27-28. View online competition at

CruDance: April 16-18. 

VIP: April 23-25. View online competition at


Team Auditions FOR 2021-2022:

Diamond Dolls: (ages 4-6) May TBD Cost: $30

Petites: (ages 7-8) June 15, Times 5:30-6:30 pm. Cost: $25

Mini/Junior/Senior:  (ages 8+) Monday, June 14, 6:30-8:30 pm. Cost: $30

Musical Theater: (ages 9+) Monday, June 14, 6:30-8:30 pm. Cost: $30

Our competition team is designed with serious dance students in mind. Students on the competition team compete at 3-5 regional competitions, recital, and special performance opportunities throughout the year. This program is a balance study between recreational and competitive. It also has collegiate programs in mind for future study in dance. Mosaic Dance Company has already placed students as dance majors at Western Michigan University and Wayne State University!

Students interested in the competition team must audition or take a summer placement class. The student’s placement has more to do with student ability, potential, technique and understanding than just age. Our competition students compete in solos, duets, trios, small groups and large groups.  Our competition teams participate in the following dance genres: Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop. Ballet and team classes are mandatory to be on the competitive team.

MDC’s Winning Program:

2019 TOP STUDIO for Highest Scoring Studio Overall- Addiction Dance Competition. WOW!

2020 Precision Dance Arts: Pac Attack Award (mini team), 2nd highest score of the entire competition to the Juniors out of 581 numbers! WOW!

2019 Junior Team: National Title Winner Competitive Level- (Addiction Dance Competition), MVP Title (Hall of Fame), 1st and 2nd place overall (Showstoppers), Best Costume (Addiction), 1st Place Overall (On Point), Judges Choice all competitions, Top 10 awards all competitions,

2019 Mini Team:  National Winner Competitive Level- (Addiction Dance Competition). 1st and 2nd Place Overall (Showstoppers), Title Solo Winners (Addiction), 1st Place Overall, (OnPointe),  2nd place Overall (Hall of Fame), Best Choreography Award, Judges Choice, Top 10 awards, High Point Awards (All competitions)

2019 Petite Team: 1st Place Addiction Overall, Judges choice, Best costume

2019 Musical theater Team: 4th place Overall (Showstoppers out of 36 groups), 2nd Place (Addiction), and judges choice.

2020 – Junior Team: 1st & 2nd overall competitive level (Precision Dance Arts) Soloist: Bella (1st place & title), Ally (1st place), Duet: Ally and Emma (1st place), and much more!

2020 – Mini team: 1st & 2nd overall competitive level (Precision Dance Arts), Soloist: Shaelyne (1st place), Ky (2nd place & title), 2nd-5th place soloist (Elizabeth, Grace, Marissa); Duet: 1st place (Shaelyne and Kylie) and much more!

2020 – Demi Team: (Precision Dance Arts), 1st place overall, 1st place trio, 1st place solo (Emily) and much more!

2020- Petite Team: 4th place overall (Precision Dance Arts)

2020 – Musical Theater: 4th place, 1st place overall solo (Bri) (Precision Dance Arts)

Mission Statement:

To address the needs of those dancers who would like performance and competition opportunities for the purpose of expanding their dance experience through exposure to all faucets of the dance industry, choreographers, assessment of a neutral panel of judges, community involvement, and to access their own levels and expertise to enhance future study in the arts.

Why compete on a team?

As professionals in the industry, we witness dancers that want to perform more than one recital and need an advanced program to fit their needs. For the studio to effectively provide these opportunities, we must have a dedicated group of dancers that will stay together and are willing to perform on a regular bases in both recreational and competitive settings.

Dancers are separated by age, skill level (company or team), and choreography requirements. Routines for the teams will be based on the individual make-up of each team, but each dancer will perform 1-2 routines per team. By making a commitment to Mosaic Dance Teams and your fellow team members, we are better able to provide a variety of performance opportunities. Team members will have the spirit and the joy of dance as a performing art and understand the level of commitment and dedication necessary to be their best! Mosaic Dance Teams are required to perform recreational performances as well as competitive.

Summer Classes:

Would you like to experience what a team practice is like and get more information on being a part of the MDC team family? We invite you to join our summer classes to get a feel for our award winning program. All teams will take one night at week for 5 weeks to maintain strength. Contact Joette or dates and time of your dancers age/background:

Team Ages:

Diamond Dolls: 4-6 yrs. old

Demi Petite (Advanced): 6-8 yrs. old

Petite: 6-9 yrs. old

Mini: 8-10 yrs. old

Junior: 11 +  yrs. old

Musical theater team (ages 9+)

When you arrive at the studio, be dressed in proper dance attire: All black with black leotard, or Black dance shirts/jazz pants with black bra top. Bring ballet shoes or jazz shoes. NO jeans or sweatshirts. This will be a closed audition; no one can sit in and watch (this is so the students are not distracted). Membership on a Mosaic Team is by audition only. Membership on a team does not guarantee membership on a team the following year. Dancers must be properly dressed at their auditions. If you missed the auditions for the Mosaic Dance Team and would like to be considered, please contact us at (269) 321-4400 or

Mosaic Offerings:

We select for a number of different teams based on dance style, age and ability in styles of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acro & Musical Theater


Attend summer classes and workshops. Mosaic offers in studio master classes instead of attending expensive conventions. Attend all wicked weekend intensives that are usually one Sunday a month from October-April. Members must attend all scheduled classes and rehearsals. Clear all weekends scheduled for competitions/performances; includes Friday, Saturday/Sunday. Sign a commitment contract (parents/dancers) agreement. If at any time you leave the MDC team program you will be required to take a year off with recreational classes before a student can audition again.

Competition Team Summer Classes: Dates (July 12 – Aug. 10). 

Team members will be taking acro, ballet and team class (below) in the summer.

Junior Team & mini team – Tuesday

Petite Team – Tuesday

Diamond Dolls – Monday

Team Classes per week for 2021-2022 during season:

Diamond Dolls (age 4-6) 2 classes a week

Petite Team: (ages 6-9) takes 3-4 classes a week

Demi Team: (advanced 6-8) takes 4-5 classes a week

Mini Team: (ages 9-11) 6-7 hours a week

Junior: (ages 11+) 7+ classes

Musical Theater (ages 9+): 2 hours a week