Slim & Tone: (Gentle 55+)

Monday & Wednesday: 9:00 – 10:00 am

Description: This class meets twice a week on Monday & Wednesday morning and incorporates dance (20 minutes), isometrics (20 minutes) and free hand weights (20 minutes). This workout will save your joints, raise your energy and nourish the soul. The program is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds. This class is year around and is held every 6-weeks. These classes have a limited number and fill up very fast. This class runs in 6-week sessions and schedule follows for the rest of the year:

Cost: $55 per session

Session Dates: Runs every 6 weeks. Contact the studio for dates.

latin dance fitness portage miBeginner Belly/Latin Dance

Tuesday 7:30-8:30 pm. (Ages 10+)

Description:  Learn the art of Middle Eastern dance or BELLY DANCE and LATIN DANCE all in the same class. These beautiful art forms involve gentle, curving, circular movements guided by beautiful music that improves flexibility and coordination. Plus, it’s lots of fun and a great workout for arms, shoulders, upper and lower abs, and legs. No shoes necessary or you can wear a clean pair of slippers or jazz shoes. No outside street shoes in studio.

Cost and Session dates:

  • January 21-March 17 (off March 3) 8 weeks for $98
  • April 21-May 26 (6 weeks for $75)

adult tap classes Kalamazoo PortageAdult Beginner Tap

Wednesday 7:30-8:30 pm

Description:  Adult Tap offers rhythm tap training and enrichment for beginning through intermediate professional student (Adults & Teens 16+), including tap dance rudiments, technique and fun! This class is also for the beginner that is coming back to tap to refresh or wants to start from scratch.

Cost and Session dates:

  • January 8 – February 26 (8 weeks for $98)
  • March 18- April 29 (6 weeks for $75)

Tap shoes required.