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Birthday Parties!

Let a Mosaic instructor lead you through a quick warm up, then play some dance related games and learn a dance with your friends!  You can choose the theme and style of dance taught (ballet, jazz and/or hip hop).  We can work with all ages and dance abilities. Our birthday parties are typically 2 hours: 30 minutes - 45 minutes dance & games, then 45 minutes for cake & present opening. E-mail the studio for available dates at
Cost:  $100 for up to 10 participants (including birthday child) - an additional $10.00 per participant after the first 10. Cake, beverages, paper products and party favors are the responsibility of the parent.  Mosaic will provide tables and chairs. Your child can request their favorite Disney Princess, Superhero, cartoon character or book and the Mosaic instructor will play some dance related games and read a story all based on your choice.

Baton Competition Team performs at the K-Wings Sunday, November 8 at 3 p.m. Last day to purchase tickets through Mosaic is November 4. Tickets will be handed out on Thursday night in class the week of the performance.
Christmas Carol: Saturday, December 12 at 3 p.m.
Kalamazoo Holiday Parade: Saturday, November 14 at 11 am. Mosaic is #12 in the parade and our line-up is at G-3 by 10:30 am. wearing red!

Competition Teams & Recreational Teams:

Welcome to Mosaic Dance Teams!

Mission Statement:
To address the needs of those dancers who would like performance and competition opportunities for the purpose of expanding their dance experience through exposure to all faucets of the dance industry, choreographers, assessment of a neutral panel of judges, community involvement, and to access their own levels and expertise to enhance future study in the arts.
Why Be On a Dance Team?
As professionals in the industry, we witness dancers that want to perform more than one recital and need an advanced program to fit their needs. For the studio to effectively provide these opportunities, we must have a dedicated group of dancers that will stay together and are willing to perform on a regular bases. Dancers are separated by age, dance genre, and choreography requirements. Routines for the teams will be based on the individual make-up of each team, but each dancer will perform 1-2 routines per choreography. By making a commitment to Mosaic Dance Teams and your fellow team members, we are better able to provide a variety of performance opportunities. Team members will have the spirit and the joy of dance as a performing art and understand the level of commitment and dedication necessary to be their best!

Auditions: Auditions are held in July. When you arrive at the studio, be dressed in proper dance attire: leotard, tights, dance pants, shorts, skirts, or capris. NO jeans or sweatshirts. This will be a closed audition; no one can sit in and watch (this is so the students are not distracted). Membership on a Mosaic Team is by audition only. Membership on a team does not guarantee membership on a team the following year. Dancers must be properly dressed at their auditions. Team members may compete in team units as well as in solos, duos, and trios. If you missed the auditions for the Mosaic Dance Team and would like to be considered, please contact us at (269) 321-4400 or ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mosaic Offerings:
We select for a number of different teams based on dance style, age and ability in styles of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical & Musical Theater in Mini (Ages 7-9) Junior (Ages 10-13), & Teen (Ages 14+).
Attend summer classes and workshops. Mosaic offers in studio master classes instead of attending expensive conventions. Attend wicked weekend intensives. Attend all scheduled classes and rehearsals
Clear all weekends scheduled for competitions/performances; includes Friday, Saturday/Sunday. Sign a commitment contract (parents/dancers) agreement.
Team members must sign an agreement contract. All team members are dependent upon each other to carry their weight with respect to practice and performance. The purpose of this contract is to ensure up front that each participant understands what is expected of the team. Membership on the Competition Team is a privilege, not a right. The directors have the final say in any matter regarding the competition team including benching and/or dismissal from the TEAM as indicated above.
Dancers expecting to compete must complete Mosaic Hall & Dance Center standard liablity waiver. We also require a photo and video performers & video release as well.
Proof of Age:
In addition, all competitions require valid birth certificates as proof of age. We must have a copy of a birth certificate at the beginning of the practice season to carry to competitions. We can't risk changing choreography for failure of a team member to provide this at some later date. Proof of age is not required for a recreational team.
Registration: Class registration starts in August and a registration form must be filled out. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Attendance Rules:
Every student is allowed 3 absences from each class per semester (Aug-Dec & Jan-June) from their team choreography class. After the third absence the student must make it up with half an hour private lesson to learn material missed. These lessons would be held at the discression of the instructor and director. The cost is $20.00 a lesson. If the director feels the student as missed an excessive amount of classes they have the right to terminate them from the team. Every student MUST attend the TWO CLASSES prior to the competition or that student will not be able to compete. If any student is going to be absent or late, a call to the studio must be made. Dancers must know material in order to perform. Disrespect or bullying of any kind may result in termination from the competition team. Practice Attire: Hair must always be pulled back away from face in either a bun or ponytail. Black leotard is required! Optional Items: Black fitted dance pants, shorts, capris, or leggings. Tightly fitted shorts are acceptable as well. Sweatpants may only be worn in hip-hop classes. NO jeans or sweatshirts, gum, jewelry, candy or street shoes in the classroom.


Mosaic competition teams usually try to attend 2-3 regional competitions in addition to area performances. Competition dates are discussed and finalized in the fall by the teachers. We normally attend competitions between March and May. We try to keep all competitions within a 2-hour driving distance. Competitions usually start on a Friday night and end on Sunday night. Dancers will be required to be available all 3 days.
Competition Fees:
Each competition charges a fee, and are all a little different. Prices range for example for groups $35-45, and Solos $55-75 per competition. Mosaic Dance Center DOES NOT add any extra cost to the fees, all money goes directly to the competition. You will receive a list of the competitions we will be attending and the entry fees each competition charges as soon the competition releases their schedule. If fees are not paid on time your dance will not be able to compete. You must also leave the entire competition weekend open (Friday-Sunday) even though most students will only have to compete one of the three days. Competitions do not release times for performances until the week of the event and we will get the information to you as soon as we know.

Coaches will need to be paid to attend the wicked weekend rehearsals & to be at the competitions. The fee per dancer is $150 a year for the extra rehearsals and training. There will be plenty of fundraising opportunities to be apart of throughout the season to help with these fees. This will help with team building skills and to shed dollars off your costs as well.
Solo/Duet/Trio Rehearsal/Competition Fees:
Each dancer or group will spend 30 -minutes or an hour with our solo choreography coach weekly in rehearsals for up to 8 hours total for a fee of $280/season or 10 hours for a total of $350/season. Costumes fees will be at dancers choice and will be discussed with the director for purchase. Competition fees are on top of choreography fees and range from $55-$75 depending on the competition.
Costume Costs Involved:
Costume fee of $95.00 per Team is due by October 22nd. If you do not pay this costume fee your dancers costume will NOT be ordered. Dance shoes range in price from $18-$50 depending on the type of shoe required dance shoes, make-up, and tights MUST be purchased through the studio. Everyone on the team must have the same items this is to better help you are parents so that you are not searching on your own for a certain type of shoes, makeup or tight. Plus at the competition teams can get marked down for not having the same type of shoes. All competition members are required to have a team zip-up jacket. They are required to wear this jacket at the competitions and cost is $68 due November 1. Make-up kit will need to be purchased for $30 that includes 5 products.
Dancers must attend TEAM choreography classes the two (2) weeks leading up to each competition. Every student is required to take a TEAM choreography class in the styles they are competing in; this is where they will learn their dances. In addition, Hip-hop team members must take the tap/body percussion class & acro class, Contemporary/Modern team members must take ballet technique class and a leaps & turn class, and Musical Theater must take a jazz class. We know many students do not care for Ballet or Jazz but it is the foundations to all forms of dance, and will help them improve on their overall technique. Second, they will also be required to attend a 3 night summer camp in August at the studio during this camp students will work on technique and start learning their dance routines. Cost is $80 for the summer camp.
Wicked Weekend TEAM Intensives- Mandatory Attendance:
Each month (October-April) dancers will attend an extensive rehearsal on late Sunday afternoons. These rehearsals are MANDATORY! Times & dates will be given the first of September. If you have an event you know you will be out of town, we must know the first of September and will reflect consideration of these schedules. Recreational Teams Info Coming SOON!!

Welcome to the MOSAIC TEAM!


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Located at Oakland Drive and Shaver Road. We are committed to the local arts community and use local artist for music.